The Czech NANDTB in general

The Czech National Aerospace NDT Board according to EN 4179 was established and nominated by the Czech Association of Aviation Manufacturers (www.alv-cr.cz), representant of the whole Czech aerospace industry on 2002 (see Attachment No. 1Attachment No. 2). Board was established according to the requirements of standards EN4179 and NAS 410 as follows:

EN4179/NAS 410, 3.18: NATIONAL AEROSPACE NDT BOARD (NANDTB): An independent national aerospace organization representing a nation´s aerospace industry that is chartered by the participating of prime contractors and recognized by the nation´s regulatory agencies to provide or support NDT qualification, examination, and/or certification services in accordance with this standard.

The goal of the NANDTB (the Board) establishment is to support NDT activities of aerospace industry in the field of EASA Part 145 (maintenance) and EASA Part 21 (production) and equivalent regulations (FAR) which request the NDT personnel qualification.

The Czech NANDTB fulfills the Employer certification system principles of the EN4179/NAS410 and therefore does not require the accreditation of the qualification and certification process according to EN ISO 17024. The Board has been accepted by the national aviation authority – the Czech Aviation Authority (see Attachment No. 3).

The Board has been accepted and utilized also by the Slovak Aviation Authority according to JAR 145 rules.

Notice: On the approvals issued by Czech Aerospace NDT Board was mentioned abbreviation NRAS, which is based from the Czech translation of Board and which is equivalent to the official name NANDTB. Curently, the Czech NANDTB abbreviation or CZNANDTBabbreviation are used.