Philosophy of the Board


The principle rules for established NANDTB were agreed as follows:

  1. Czech NANDTB is a voluntary organization
  2. NANDTB is an organization with the unpaid function of the Board members, all activities are paid by the Employer
  3. NANDTB is a non-accounting unit, therefore all the paid activities shall be realized out of the Board

The interpretation of these rules:

  1. the Board prepares procedures/checklists/questioners/list of approved auditors for implementation of the approval system according to EN 4179 and NAS 410
  2. the Board controls and supervises the approval process of NDT personnel qualification according to own procedures (see point 1)
  3. the Board gives the final approval of qualification systems (the Outside Agency or the Employer) according to the decision of the approval audit
  4. the auditor is approved by the Board, the auditor shall use the approved procedures, questionnaires, and checklists and shall recommend the final decision of the Board, nevertheless the financial/payment relations are between the approved organization and the auditor – the Board is excluded


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